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Mealmates, the sequel to critically acclaimed Mealmate™, is a multiplayer party game where you compete to create the most delicious edible human. Get your friends together or play by yourself. It's a minigame mayhem. Whoever produces the most delicious Mealmate will win eternal glory. Dress up your Mealmate in the latest fashions, cook gastronomical delights, explore the mysterious town and more in the greatest multimedia experience of the year.

  • Play 46 scrumptious minigames with friends or by yourself
  • Feed your very own Mealmate delectable morsels of all varieties to influence its flavour, texture, and health
  • Unlock tasty new garb and mouth-watering recipes
  • Cook gastronomical delights with the help of the local Kitchen Wytch
  • Kick discarded cans around the neighbourhood instead of picking them up
  • Earn trophies as a juicy reward for simply playing the game
  • Jam to absolutely delicious party ANTHEMS by magicdweedoo

(It is recommended to turn on static animation option for sensitive eyes)

magicdweedoo - everything but graphics
Zac Dyson - graphics

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